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Boon Thia - Accountant“Making life less taxing”

When your bookkeeping takes you away from more important things, when your taxes are due and you start to sweat or when you want to start a new business, having an experienced, honest and helpful accountant by your side is a great relief.

Whether you face challenges with collection of accounts receivable, making your payments on time to your suppliers, cutting your business costs or finding ways to increase your profits, Boon Thia is here to take away the hassle, protect you from potential legal exposure and guide you towards prosperity and peace of mind.

Boon is your local bookkeeper, accountant, business adviser, MYOB consultant and investment expert.

Be Safe from the ATO

When your individual and business tax returns are done professionally, there is no fear of the ATO. Boon ensures your tax return is lodged on time and save you money on tax and penalties.

Make Informed Decisions

When you know how your business or investment portfolio is doing, it’s easy to make good decisions. Boon will report on your profit and loss and guide you with the best options.

Make More Money

Instead of bookkeeping and accounting, focus on growing your business and making more profit, while slashing your accounting fees by keeping good financial records.

Get Professional Advice

Come and talk to Boon about the best ways to manage your small business, good bookkeeping and accounting practices, appropriate structures, effective processes and investing your money.

Take Control

With knowlege of best business practices and the status of your accounts, you can successfully engage debtors and creditors for a smooth, stable business operation.

Have Time to Play

By spending less time spent on bookkeeping and accounting, you can be free to concentrate on your business and enjoy more time with your family and friends.

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